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Tenant Eviction

Keep an eye on your tenants rent payments. You need to catch them when they first fall into arrears. If you allow the arrears to run up, they may quickly reach a stage where eviction is the only answer. However prevention is always better than cure.

As soon as the tenant fails to pay you need to contact them and speak to them about it. Maybe it is a mistake by their bank, in which case this can be sorted quickly. However, if there are in financial difficulties the sooner you know about it the better.

With good tenants who you would like to retain, you may want to consider giving them a temporary rent reduction, for example (if they have lost their job) until they are able to find new employment. It may also be a good idea to serve a section 21 notice at this stage (depending on how long the fixed term has to run) as a precautionary measure.

If you are able to reach agreement with your tenants, this should be set out clearly in a letter so everyone knows where they stand.

If however the tenants have not contacted you or are evasive, and the rent arrears reach two months worth, then you will have no option but to consider court proceedings for eviction. We are here to help you in any case and we will make sure that we evict the tenants on time to save any further loss and let your property to right tenants to secure your future.

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