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Property Management

Urban Dwellings Ltd has become one of the finniest agencies based within Slough. The extensive market research we have carried out over the past few years has left us in no doubt that every landlord needs an agency whose sole purpose is to provide a dedicated Residential Management service. A landlord needs to feel safe and assured that the agent who is managing your property altogether is fluently knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy and able to take care of all the complexities of managing on their behalf without any distraction.

Overall, the entire working of a letting agent and the relationship between a landlord and a letting agent has many dimensions, the success of which depends upon the effectiveness of the residential management services that we Urban Dwellings Ltd employs while working for our landlords. This further increases goodwill for US both in terms of looking after landlord's assets and provide regular rental income as well as achieving and maintaining the faith of the tenants.

Communication is the most important aspect when dealing with tenants on behalf of your landlord. Effective and timely communication makes life easy and quickly resolves issues. A communication breakdown is a HUGE issue and can cause all sorts of headaches and sometime becomes extremely hazardous to the health of a rental property. That is why we keep up to date a register and send reports to landlord on regular basis. We establish a communication standard from the very beginning with your tenants and make sure it's on paper. We hold them to that, and if they stray from the agreement at anytime we confront them immediately and get them back on track and make sure they keep their side of the bargain. It's best to kill the monster when it's small.

Rent guarantee is designed to protect you in the event your tenant fails to pay the rent. We offer top guaranteed rents and insurances. Rent paid each month in advance and even if property is vacant*(See Rent Guarantee Agreements)

Before cross verifying any tenant's information, Fair Housing Laws and Fair Credit Reporting Act states that a company has to take prior consent of a tenant. It also prevents any landlord or company from discriminating a tenant on the basis of race, colour, religion, nationality, familial status, age, gender, or disabled status. No tenant will be denied a house on grounds of nationality, caste, creed, religion, sex etc. It also helps to reduce your risk by keeping tenants with previous criminal convictions or negative rental histories out of your rental properties and you thus avoid any breach of rental agreement, broken lease agreements and evictions. We carry out thorough reference and credit checks on all potential tenants before handing over keys of any rental property to them. We are earnestly devoted and committed to make sure that you get the best tenants ever and carryout as follows: *(See Rental Management Landlord's Agreements)
Credit history search on CCJs & bankruptcy etc.
Defaults, arrears & repossessions history.
Linked address search
Validation of references
Guarantor suitability check
Salary/income verification
Post analysis recommendation
Bank account validation
Affordability analysis
Rent Guarantee decision

Why pay when you don't have to? We provide landlords with the tools necessary to fill their vacancies, and help them save money in the process. Good quality repairs and maintenance services and robust asset management strategies remain a core function for our maintenance team. We deliver a customer focused repairs and maintenance service throughout contractual agreements and even provide after sales care services. It is very important to optimize the use of planned maintenance programs within regular property inspections to not only keep the costs low but also to avoid emergency repairs.

Out of Hours service provides an emergency response and in most cases the response team makes premises safe. The response team's job to do enough work to ensure that no one is in any danger and renew items only if necessary or carryout follow on works during normal office hours.

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