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Property Management Fees

A comprehensive, first-class property management service Urban Dwellings understands that for many landlords, full property management is a necessity, not a luxury. That's why our property managers offer a comprehensive, first-class service including:

  • Negotiation of rental price and rent collection
  • Monitoring of problems and repairs
  • Handling of inventories and dilapidations at the start and end of the tenancy
  • Access to a portfolio of approved contractors with competitive contractor pricing from our economies of scale
  • Advice on relevant legislation and action taken on landlord's behalf when necessary
  • Recommendation on marketing of the property including refurbishment service and advice
  • The standard property management fees are 12% of the monthly rent however it varies depending upon the condition of your property.You can call us or email us to arrange a property manage ment valuation so that we can offer est rates for your property management.

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