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What sets Urban Dwellings ltd apart from other agents is the wealth of additional services that we provide, including personalise sales and lettings for both landlord and clients, building services, top to toe property management services and deal with local authority's housing departments. You can ask your own specific questions and receive prompt professional advice regarding any landlord disputes and legal advises to help you for free. On top of this our excellent pr, creative marketing and proactive vast approach ensures that we are always on hand to ensure both tenants and buyers alike are provided with the highest possible levels of service.

Our unique position in the market enables us to operate on many levels and allows us to use the cachet associated with our prestigious brand to gain unparalleled access to all local affluent clients. Furthermore, it allows us to draw upon the vast resources available across the group, enabling us to tailor the comprehensive range of services we provide. Urban Dwellings limited's care charter we believe our charter represents a statement of good practice and care. We strive to achieve high quality of care fair and equal treatment of all clients and customers priority for the interest of the client in determining his / her placement respect for and advancement of the ethnic origin, cultural back ground, religion and language of the client. Be polite, helpful, courteous, understanding and respectful at all times consideration of the gender, sexuality and disability of client recognise the need for confidentiality Urban Dwellings limited will provide and agree with you (&lot more):

  • to actively market the property until suitable tenants have been secured. to carry out thorough referencing and vetting of any prospective tenant.
  • prepare a detailed inventory.
  • prepare the appropriate tenancy agreement.
  • arrange transfer of utilities and meter readings to the tenants.
  • arrange a current gas certificate where required collect deposit monies and collect rents by standing order and account to the landlord monthly.
  • carry out quarterly internal inspections throughout the tenancy.
  • arrange any necessary maintenance to the property and deducting costs from the rent received where requested.
  • provide general liaison between tenant and landlord including providing a 24hr/7 days a week emergency number.
  • will assist in resolving any outstanding disputes arising from any period prior to us taking over management of the property the landlord authorises the agent to carry out such repairs not without reference to the landlord but only in case of a emergency the agent will report to the landlord any need for other repairs revealed by periodic inspection or otherwise brought to our notice.

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